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Learn about the Insight method, which will allow you to free yourself from self-destructive habits of your mind and attain a state of deep mental maturity and inner balance.

"Insight. Road to Mental Maturity" is the first book by Michael Pasterski, whose blog on psychology, personal development and education has reached 1 million readers a year. Discover English version of blog:


Over 40 practical exercises. Detailed methods and techniques, together with blank space for writing down the exercise proceedings and your own conclusions. 704 pages of practical knowledge.


11 full-page illustrations and 15 smaller illustrations depicting the body of the book. Hardcover and high quality paper.


In:sight is a free mobile app supporting the use of the methods described in the book. In Polish is now available on iOS and Android. It will be soon released in english.

So what is mental maturity all about?

Mental maturity is a state of deep mental balance, healthy self-support system, and freedom from self-destructive habits of your mind.

Taking the road to mental maturity is a fascinating journey to the inner self. Its goal is the insight, self-knowledge and self-relying implementation of your own solutions to the mental conundrums. What awaits you at the end of this road?

Living your life to the fullest, according to your own design.

Insight is a method which enables you to go through this process on your own, step by step. You will be able to put this yakky, chaotic mind of yours at ease. You will gain a deep insight into your inner world. You will start listening to the voice of your intuition. Consequently, you will find answers to the questions that are most important to you. You will be in touch with different parts of your personality and you will learn a whole set of practical tools for systematic self- work.

Michael Pasterski

I have been practicing psychology for 10 years and working for education for 2 years now.

I love the written word. I am the author of one of the most popular blogs on personal development and education in Poland. Over the past 8 years, I have written over 350 articles and my blog hit more than a million readers a year.

I am the founder of Life Architect, Planets and the Foundation for Conscious Education.

I believe in the effectiveness of individual work with a person and as an experienced coach I support the personal development of Poles around the world.

In the meantime I am... a happy husband, an active traveler, a health food enthusiast and an amateur cook.



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My life goal is to change the education system in the world. My blog is a channel to share my ideas with people who think alike.

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Chapter 1. Education

In Chapter One I share a story of my personal adventure with searching the perfect way of education. In this chapter you will learn how the current education system wrecks children's personality, what are the dark sides of large motivational seminars and why self-education is the best education.

Chapter 2. Human nature

In order to understand how the human psyche works, first, we need to comprehend the basic mechanisms the natural world is based on. Being inspired by how nature works, I discuss herein 10 features of human nature, which have become the foundation for the method described in the book.

Chapter 3. Road to maturity

What is mental maturity and why do most people never experience it? How to finally give up the inner struggle, accept yourself entirely and become the best source of support for yourself?


Chapter 4. The Insight method

In this chapter you will learn about coaching and psychotherapy and how these techniques inspired me while developing the Insight method. You will also find out what the word Insight stands for and what are the main assumptions the described method is based on.

Chapter 5. Introspection

If we want to work on ourselves deeply and effectively, we must learn to search inside ourselves. In order to do this, you will learn how to clear your mental clutter, keep yourself under careful observation and receive insight into your inner world.

Chapter 6. Intuitive thinking

Intuition is the intelligence of our body, which as long as we are in touch with ourselves, becomes the most important tool of our personal development. In this chapter I will show you techniques that will help you listen to the voice of your intuition and explain what role it plays in the Insight method.

Chapter 7. Self-knowledge

Self-deception is our natural defense mechanism that keeps us away from the uncomfortable truth about ourselves. Being honest with yourself is the basis for working with the Insight method, so in this chapter you will see what you have - up to now - hidden from yourself.


Chapter 8. Thinking with questions

Thinking with questions is the first of two major Insight techniques and the starting point for every Insight session. This is the best way to search for answers to your most important questions and very effective technique of changing destructive thinking habits.

Chapter 9. Inner understanding

The essence of inner understanding technique is working with our subpersonalities - parts of our personality. This is a deep, revealing and often groundbreaking process involving working on difficult emotions, destructive convictions, and inner conflicts.

Chapter 10. Encounter with yourself

In the last chapter you will get to know the practical aspects of the Insight session, which concern devoting time for self-reliant, systematic work on yourself. Moreover, you will learn how to make it an integral part of your everyday life and how you can effectively cultivate other important habits.

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"Achieving mental maturity means returning to full mental health and willingness to open your heart to everything that comes your way. This is where the fun with life begins.”


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